DDDMaterial PLA Black

I tried the DDD Material PLA Black after the Material4Print PLA black disaster ! Bought it on Amazon DDDMaterial PLA Black 1.75mm


Great ! Vacuum package, with a plastic foil around the spool and silicate gel to keep it dray ! All in a nice cardboard box, arrived per post in perfect conditions. The Filament has a mat surface, not like the Herz Filament which is really shiny. It is perfectly clean, not contamination of any kind and even if it is not perfectly winded up, it does seems it is going to make any problem.


Interesting enough, I manage to print with this PLA anything between 190 and 210 without any problems. Quality remains the same with temperature, the only thing to watch out is the oozing at high temperature but nothing you would not expect.

One particularity, I notice that printing at 190 °C, the surface is mat. At 210 °C, it is more shiny, not fully shiny but far much more than at 190°C. This give some nice possibilities !

Test Print

After almost using all the roll, I found out that this PLA difficult to control. It is necessary to adjust the temperature and printing speed by almost every different type of printing. After moving to Klipper, I had to make large modification to be able to have a half way nice print : warping and pressure advance were difficult to control.


If you stick to this PLA, it can give you some really nice prints, however, it requires to tune a lot you temperature. I have a E3D V6.2, with Titan extruder Bowden, I ended with printing temperature of 190, with first layer of 210, otherwise, it would not stick on my glass plate ( Ultrabase anycude ).

It is a nice PLA but just too much tuning for me !

DDDMaterial PLA Black

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