Tail of the Benchies : Nunus PLA, E3DV6, Titan extruder Bowden and Nunus PLA

I am trying to get the Klipper Firmware, with E3DV6, titan extruder PLA from Nunus to work.

I has been quite a challenge !

I tried to print the Benchy at 190 °C with 65°C bed temperature. If has proved not to work at all. The PLA remains mat and tend to break easily. I tried to change the pressure advance settings and the retraction, nothing has been working ! At high pressure advance, the nozzle was blocking as the filament was retracting too much in the cold zone from the E3D V6. I even tried up to the temperature to 210 °C without any success ! I started to think that I did something wrong.

So I decided to do something crazy. I increase the temperature to 230°C, set the retraction in Cura to zero and set the pressure advance to 0.5… To my surprise, this time the Benchy was printing and quite nice. I still have an issue with the retraction but at least it is complete and nothing stopped in the middle ! The surface is even surprisingly good and the edge pretty nice.

I tried to increase the pressure advance to 0.6, but it did not make any improvement, it actually looks like it made the retracement problem even worse.

Another try at 0.4 show no improvement against the 0.5 pressure advance. It even shows less sharp corners. This mean for my bowden setup, 0.5 pressure advance is a really good choice.

I have set the pressure advance look ahead to 0.05. the default value of 0.01 was too low, a was generating retraction of the filament in curve, which was shaking the all printer.

Tail of the Benchies : Nunus PLA, E3DV6, Titan extruder Bowden and Nunus PLA

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