Month: May 2018

Benchy 2

Well tried a new configuration for the second benchy. I only changed from the first one to make the outside parameter first and increase the retraction to 5 mm. It did improve the bottom of the boat but it when all wrong at the top ! the extruder blocked and I stopped the print. It […]

3D Freunden Stainless Steel Nozzle

After blocking the stock nozzle of the E3D V6 extruder on my printer, I decided to try a few different nozzles. I bought the Stainless Steel Nozzle from 3D Freunden on amazon The nozzle is slightling longer than the original one, so I had to print another holder for the BLTouch (  from […]

Benchy 1

First Print of the Benchy ! Anet A8 with E3DV6, Marlin and printed on glass Bed. Still some improvement to do ! Retraction seems to be a problem and the bottom on the boat is not exactly good ! # generated by Slic3r 1.3.0-dev on adaptive_slicing = 0 adaptive_slicing_quality = 75% avoid_crossing_perimeters = 1 bed_shape […]

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