Klipper Bed mesh

I updated Klipper to the latest git checkout to have the bed mesh system.  The configuration is simple as always by klipper, just change the config file, upload on the Raspberry and restart the server, voila, already running.

First, you need to copy the bed mesh section into your config file. It can be found in the example_extra.cfg. Un-comment the bed_mesh to activate the function. You need to define the min and max position of the bed to the probe points and the number of points. It is pretty much as simple. What was not indicated on the example_extra.cfg what that the bed_mesh needs a probe_offset. I set it to 0,0 as it does not seems to have any function in the version I have. When done, upload and reset the server.

If you have set up the offset for the end position in z and the BLtouch ( or other sensor) offset, it should not be a problem. You can directly start with the command BED_MESH_CALIBRATE. It will probe all the points and you are already done !

Before you run the next print, make sure that the nozzle position relative to the bed is correct. If yes, the next print should be perfect ! If not, check my next post on how to set the BLtouch offset with the z end position offset.

Klipper Bed mesh

2 thoughts on “Klipper Bed mesh

  1. I’ve done what you comment but clipper does not apply the mesh when printing… I test with bed_mesh_output and it has the mesh but when printing it does not correct the z…
    What I’m missing…
    If I put probe_offset in the [bed_mesh] section in my printer cfg it complies, says that it is wrong in bed_mesh section…

    1. Hi,

      sorry for the slow reply, I have been away for work.

      I have the same problem, I think I found out where the problem is and I will make a new post when I manage to find the time to try out. For the moment, I use the command M206ZX.XX to change the Z offset. I do homing, then the bed mesh calibration and after that, using a piece of paper, or personally I use an old hotel card ( they are exactly 0.75 mm ) I set the Z Offset so it fits the height. After that you are done, it works.

      I will post a new instruction how to correct directly the bed mesh calibration, just need to try it first.

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