Klipper and Slic3r setup

In both of the Klipper firmware and Slic3r you can set up common values. This is asmall explaination how I set up both of them to have most flexibility, adapt to my printer and still get good quality prints.

Slic3r Settings

My slic3r setting, at least in the speed configuration really simple, all speeds are set to 150 mm/s and all others are set to 100%. Only for the initial layer, 50% to make sure the filament is gluing on the plate.

Klipper speed settings

In the printer section, I set the maximum speed and max acceleration. Here again, I set the maximum speed to 150 mm /s as my E3D V6 can handle the high extrusion speed on a 0.4 mm nozzle. However, to make sure that the quality of the print remains good, I set up a fairly low acceleration. On my Anet A8 with E3V and Titan direct extruder, I keep it at 250 m/s2. This still give klipper the possibility to print at high speed when a long travel is available but to slow down when details are required.

kinematics: cartesian
max_velocity: 150
max_accel: 250
max_z_velocity: 20
max_z_accel: 100
square_corner_velocity: 0

This works for me pretty well at the moment, I am printing all the parts I need to make an AM8 with linear axis so I can improve the speed. When done, I will only have to increase the max acceleration in the conig, to make the printer faster. So is the theory, I will see if it is working !

Klipper and Slic3r setup

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