Defending yourself and your family

You can hear on the news that the world is going crazy. I leave in Germany and als most every day, there is a new attack, someone with a knife attacking people on the street, someone with a weapon killing innocent people or someone driving with a vehicle in a crowed just to kill as much people as possible. The background is most of the time the same…

At every attack that happen, new laws and regulation are made to protect the citizen, more gun and weapon regulation ! No weapon allowed anywhere, no knife allowed on the street, reduction of the mag size from 30 to max 15 bullets and the list goes on and on. After an attack, our rights are getting smaller every time.

The police is here to protect us, that is what the government is saying. It is true but police can’t be everywhere at all time. So when something happen, we shall call the police to protect us. This is actually correct and I support the great work of the police forces around the world ! To be honest, when I am in trouble and call the police, then run to help me risking their life to save mine ! For that I have the highest respect !

However, there is a hack ! People actually committing crime do not follow the law. I am not allow to have a fire arm or a knife on the street, but these terrorist, they attack people on the street with a knife ! Therefore the law that is suppose to protect us is useless. On the other hand, I am law respectful citizen and do no longer carry a knife ( even a pocket knife ) with me and with this I am fully defense less against an attack. Not even to mention if there is an attack with a firearm.

During the time it takes for the police forces to arrive ( 5 to 10 mins ), I can only pray that I will be still alive when the armed forces arrive ! I can only try to shield my family with myself, with the results that I most probably going to get injured or killed, leaving my family after that absolutely without any protection… until the police arrive. 5 to 10 minutes is not long for the rescuer to arrive but it is a long time when you are under fire or under a knife attack !

I see the increase of limitation of the weapon rights in Germany and Europe in general as a step in the wrong direction. Do not get me wrong, I do not believe that every one should have a weapon. I possess a firearm and go regularly shooting as the law requires and because I like it, but it is a big responsibility. Even if I would like to have the right to carry my firearm on the street, it is a very serious responsibility and something to take lightly. However, it is a price I am ready and willing to take to protect myself, my family and other people in case something happen.

However, it is a serious responsibility. I believe that people shall have the possibility to carry a weapon every day but not without proper training. Police and military shall make the training and assess if the person is capable of carrying a weapon, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, the German law only authorize to carry a weapon with you if your life is in danger ! To be honest, when I go to work every day using public transportation, I do not feel safe and would love to be able to protect myself.

Maybe one day it will be possible or the government is going to banish all weapon in Germany, leaving us fully unprotected. The future will tell us. I will continue to work to get the right to protect myself, my family and others at any time !

Defending yourself and your family

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