Workshop part 2

I managed to get 3 hours of work straight yesterday on my workshop project. There is definitely something good about home office on confinement !

I manage to cut the grove on the horizontal beam. This allow to fit the top shelves plate nicely in the grove. The foot had to have a groove too, other wise it would not be looking good. I fitted the horizontal beam to the vertical and foot using dovetail, just one big one. After all this I was able to glue and fit my first two parts together.

First two parts !

The edge for the plate is longer than the horizontal bar as it fits on the two vertical element.

The grove at the bottom for the bottom shelve

The slot for the bottom plate, at exactly the same height as the other side … At least I hope…

Glued !

The two elements together. I check with the square to make sure the tow parts where squared before clamping them together. The fitting of the dovetail is not perfect, there is a bit of a gap. But the glue is filling the gap so it should not be too visible !

That it is for today and for the foot. Next will be to cut the slots for the French cleaves, finishing the first side.

Raspberry Pi Gadget

I have been using a Raspberry Pi 4 for a while and it is simply great, it is fast, has tons of cool features. however, I wanted to have a portable system so I can take it with me anywhere, connect to a PC or my iPad and continue to work on my favorites projects. Due to the confinement I had to give my RPI4 to my daughter as a home PC so she could do her homework on Internet. Consequence I had to buy a new one for me ( yeahhh ). Here is how I have done it to get it running.

I bought the RPI4 and the standard case from amazon. I also bought a fairly fast SD card and some cables. Here are the links:
Raspberry pi
SD Card 128 Go
USB-C Cable
HMDI Cable

First you have too install the Raspbian Operating system on the SD Card. Download and Instructions can be found here. Connect all the cable you need and power up. Simple !

It is a good idea to change the default pi user to your personal user. A really good instruction can be found here

To be able to use the raspberry pi with the USB-C cable only, you need to setup a few things on the RPI4. Here is a great instruction.

On my iPad that was already enough to get it running and be able to connect through the USB-c cable directly using SSH, same on my Ubuntu machine. However, on my Windows 10 PC, I was required to install a small driver. Instruction can be found here.

After that I am all set. I can power and connect to my RPI4 using the USB-c cable. When I am home, it connect directly to my WiFi and I can use the internet. On the way, I use my iPad as personal hotspot to connect to the internet. For the moment, I have all my favorites projects on it. I will set up the file sharing to share the file with the PC and iPad to have some storage space that I can synchronize with a cloud system.

Here you go, I hope it can help you. Have fun with this new gadget !

3D Printer

About 2 years ago I deceived it was time for me to get a 3D printer. I found on the internet the Anet A8 for 150 euros and I just bought it.

I spend a bit of time using it realizing it definitely could be better. Off course, there was tons of possible updates I have found on the internet, from power supply to new extruder. I almost made them all and the results we definitely better.

I even found later on on Thingiverse a project to upgrade my Anet to a full MGN12 rail system with Aluminium frame ! I jump on that upgrade and again, it definitely improved the print. Now it is running and looking like this.

It is the way it is and works pretty well but still have some limitation and therefor some potential I want to have.

First of all, it does not look good… There is some parts missing, the cables are a mess and the general appearance can be improved.

Second, printing with PLA is working fine. The sticking on the printing plate is gone using the UltraBase platte with correct extruder distance ( BLTouch helps a lot on that ). However, I still have some issues on PLA and my Benchy can still do some improvement, the one I see on the internet looks definitely better. After some research I have found that it is related to the part cooling, My x carriage setup can be improved and is not cooking the part correctly., On top of that it could also do with some cable Organisation.

Printing anything else than PLA is simply not working. The printer has no inclosure and is in my basement. It can be fairly cold down there, especially in winter and it shows on the heated bed performance : I can nearly reach 90 °C, just not enough for ABS or other high temperature plastic.

I decided to make some improvement and I will start with a new design of the X Carrier. Later on I would like to build a new printer in XY mode, so I want to make improvement that I can reuse later on. Let’s start the journey !

Workshop Part 1

Today I am continuing the left side of the first element I started yesterday. I had to make a new part as I broke the other one I made during cutting with chisel.

The part I am making is the side block, that hold the horizontal French clearfs and the two plates used as storage.

I first cut a dovetail type in the vertical beam to mount the horizontal one.

I cut first using a Japanese saw and finished with chisel ( Japanese of course 🙂 ). To make sure the cuts are perfectly straight and perpendicular, I used a small guide.

I also cut the grove where the top plate is coming.

This was all from yesterday, today I cut the grove in the horizontal element to fit the top plate and cut the grove for the lower plate in the vertical beam.

I cut the second slot for the lower shelve. I first use s saw to cut as much as possible. Then remove the wood using a chisel and make the sides. To make the sides, I use a hard wood piece as guide.

It helps me getting the line straight but also helps me to get the cut vertical. I am not good at it so I use all the tricks I can …

When both sides are done, I use my veritas to check the high, I just slide it along and when it stops, I have to remove more material at the bottom. Simple !

And with a bit of patience it is done !

Voila ! That is enough for today, let see tomorrow how far I get.

Backup ! Backup ! Backup !

I am sure you heard about this already, make sure you backup everything ! Most probably, like me you can no longer hear it. In february, apparently there was a security issue on word press where it was possible to reset the database, and this is exactly what happened to my blog : The database has been reset and of course I did not make a backup ! On top of that, my host provider had a complete hardware crashed, the backup was restored but the database was already empty !!!

This show how important backing up is. I will have to make a plan how to do that !

On the other side, it is a good opportunity to start from scratch, make a new design, new structure and new contain ! More to come !