Workshop Part 1

Today I am continuing the left side of the first element I started yesterday. I had to make a new part as I broke the other one I made during cutting with chisel.

The part I am making is the side block, that hold the horizontal French clearfs and the two plates used as storage.

I first cut a dovetail type in the vertical beam to mount the horizontal one.

I cut first using a Japanese saw and finished with chisel ( Japanese of course 🙂 ). To make sure the cuts are perfectly straight and perpendicular, I used a small guide.

I also cut the grove where the top plate is coming.

This was all from yesterday, today I cut the grove in the horizontal element to fit the top plate and cut the grove for the lower plate in the vertical beam.

I cut the second slot for the lower shelve. I first use s saw to cut as much as possible. Then remove the wood using a chisel and make the sides. To make the sides, I use a hard wood piece as guide.

It helps me getting the line straight but also helps me to get the cut vertical. I am not good at it so I use all the tricks I can …

When both sides are done, I use my veritas to check the high, I just slide it along and when it stops, I have to remove more material at the bottom. Simple !

And with a bit of patience it is done !

Voila ! That is enough for today, let see tomorrow how far I get.

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