Workshop part 2

I managed to get 3 hours of work straight yesterday on my workshop project. There is definitely something good about home office on confinement !

I manage to cut the grove on the horizontal beam. This allow to fit the top shelves plate nicely in the grove. The foot had to have a groove too, other wise it would not be looking good. I fitted the horizontal beam to the vertical and foot using dovetail, just one big one. After all this I was able to glue and fit my first two parts together.

First two parts !

The edge for the plate is longer than the horizontal bar as it fits on the two vertical element.

The grove at the bottom for the bottom shelve

The slot for the bottom plate, at exactly the same height as the other side … At least I hope…

Glued !

The two elements together. I check with the square to make sure the tow parts where squared before clamping them together. The fitting of the dovetail is not perfect, there is a bit of a gap. But the glue is filling the gap so it should not be too visible !

That it is for today and for the foot. Next will be to cut the slots for the French cleaves, finishing the first side.

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