3D Printer Upgrade

My 3D Printer is great for what I do. The modification to the project AM8 MGN BLV is simply superbe. However my modification is maybe not as good as it could be : the cable rooting is not exactly great, it Alpen to all the dust and have some problem with printing at higher temperature.

The objective of the upgrade is to completely build, at best from printing parts, a housing for the printer. In the process, I want to do a lot of things.
– Put the power supply at the back of the printer
– Put the main board at the back of the printer
– Put the raspberry pi with a camera at the back of the printer and allow the camera to take picture of the print.
– move the Z Axis behind the Z frame. It is not critical but offer more space for the X Axis and it is easier to access the X Axis
– Change the X Axis to have the motor below the 20x20mm, having the belt in front the of X Axis with a belt tensioner easy accessible from the front of the printer
– Move the Y axis at the bottom of the frame to get more space for the Y Carrier. It allows to change the heated bed support ( to put some isolation) and a better table setting.
– Redesign the X Carrier to fit my E3D V6 with direct extruder.
– A complete housing to stop the dust landing on the printer and try to keep the temperature more stable in the printer, allowing to print other material than PLA, for example ABS.
– Some kind of spool holder with a dry box to keep the filament safe.

There is a lot of things to do. I will post the progress step by step and all the files to print the objects. I will also put everything on a Thingiverse project so everyone can access the design.

A lot of things to do ! Let’s go !

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