Nunus PETG Filament

After printing for a while with PLA, I decided to go for a filament that is not so difficult as ABS to print and mechanically better as PLA. I decided to go for PETG. I had some good experience with the PLA from Nunus and decided to give the PETG from the same comapny a try.

As always, the filament came quickly and was nicely packed, complete sealed and vaccumed with a trying silicate package. It was nicely rolled and did not make any problems.

The printing of PETG is not easy, it tends to glue nicely on the nozzle. I have found for the Nunus PETG that the best temperature for my E3D V6 with titan Direct Extruder and X Nozzle around 230 to 240 °C. The bed temperature is between 70 and 80°C. I use a UltraBase glass plate and it sticks really nicely at here temperature. Do not go above 80°C, at that point you end up with more PETG on your nozzle than on the building plate… below 240 °C extruder temp, I have nozzle blockage, the filament is cooling off and no longer printing, stay at 240°C or above.

Oozing is an issue, it is fairly liquid and drop a lot from my nozzle. Due to that the retart of a print after a retraction is difficult, a little part of the next path is missing at the beginning. It is a problem if you are trying to get a lot of detail on the building plate.

If you manage to master these challenge, the Nunus PETG is really nice, it gives a really nice surface and the print is nice and constant. Make sure you are not printing too fast. I manage to get good results using 20 mm/s on the first layer and 60 to 100 mm/s after. If you have Klippen like me, make sure you printer has a good setup up acceleration limit ( 400 m/s2 on mine). It limits the print on the small seigments but allow faster move on large one. The PETG from Nunus is following without too many problems and the print is really nice.

In all, the PETG from Nunus is really nice for what I do and keep good accuracy during printing. Generally printing with PETG can be challenging but the the Nunus PETG is performing well.

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