AM8 MGN Far-Out V0.1.0 Power Supply Holder part 1

The first upgrade of my AM8 MGN BLV printer is to move the power supply at the back of the printer.

The initial design is simply holding the power supply at the back of the printer. The integration is also made to integrate the power supply into the housing design. Here is the first initial concept.

The Power supply with the holder from the front.
View from the back with the attachment to the frame.

The holder keep a free distance to the frame of 40 mm as the bed iOS over hanging the frame at the maximum movement position to the back. I designed the holder with hexagon. I like hexagon, they look cool, they make the part pretty stable, save plastic and over the possibility to pass cable through the frame. The only down point is the printing time.

The first part took 6 hours of printing. I am using a 0.4mm nozzle with PETG filament. The extruder was set to 250 °C and the bed at 80 °C. The first layer is printed with 10 mm/s as it seems the adhesion is a problem at higher speed. The rest of the print is done between 50 and 80 mm/s depending on the acceleration,

The printed part during a mounting test at from of the printer

I all, it is not bad, in part 2 of the Power Supply Holder, I print the second vertical holder.

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