Spool Dry Box V2

After build the first version of the spool dry box, there is still some things to improve. So here comes the second version of the spool box.


Back of the box with the tube fitting.
Front of the box with the sensor.

The box itself is pretty much the same. Size of the box is narrower than the first version to better fit the 70 mm wide spool, allowing to accept a 65 mm spool too. The bottom plate has been removed and directly integrated in the box. This remove the need of a few screws and make the box more sealed than it was before. This also make the box easier to print as the first version wrapped quite a bit.

Bottom spool holder

The bottom spool holder is now a drop in place part. The ball bearing are attached to the plate using M3x16 conical head going through the center, using two small spacers. A place on the holder is made to fit the M3 nut. Between the ball bearings, in the middle of the plate are two small compartment to put the drying Silicat, either in small bags or granulate. The part can be easily removed to replace the granulate, even with the sensor in place.

The top element

The top element is the same concept as the bottom plate, the ball bearing are mounted using the inserts with M3 screws on the side of the plate. The plate as 8 places where you can put small magnets. I used 10mmx1mm self gluing magnets with the same inside the box, to keep the top element in place.


The parts were printed with PETG from Nunus at 250°C extruder temp and heated bed at 80°C. It is printing well at a maximum speed of 40 mm/s with my E3D V6 nozzle with Titan extruder. The fan was set at 50 % constant and 100% for bridging. However, I have noticed that at 100%, the nozzle was cooling down and the heater was not holding the temperature. I manage to stop the fan during that phase. I guess my fan nozzle is directly pointing at the nozzle and not the part, to check…

The box was a long time print but it worked well. However, for some reasons, there is a wrapping at the bottom of the box. To be honest I do know for the moment where it is coming from. It seems to appear as the box is getting higher during the printing.

The top Spool Holder (B) with 1 ball bearing and the magnets on the long side.

The top late was printed without any fast unless the layer is below 15 s total time ( Slic3r feature ). The part is nicely printed and this time without any wrapping. The part has the possibility to put 8 magnets on it. I personally put only 4, 2 on each side. If the lid is not holding, put some more ( and of course in the box !)

The bottom spool holder (A) fresh from the print.

The bottom plate.

The inserts for the ball bearings

The insert are printed with a 0.2mm layer to make the parts nicer. It fits the ball bearing nice and tight, just make sure you remove the blurs from the prints.


V1 and V2 ( almost ) side by side. V2 is empty and there is no Silicat in it.


You can find all the STLs on Thingiverse or on the GitHub project for the AM8 MNG Far-Out under SpoolBox.

That it is ! If you enjoy it, drop me a line here or on thingiverse. Happy Printing

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