3d Printing

Klipper BL Touch Bed Mesh and Offset update ( commit c5d94a7 )

After updating my klipper to the latest commit on GitHub ( yes, I am not following the official release, Klipper is so active that I like to stay on the pulse ), there is a few changes that were required… To Remove To things I had to remove from my configuration: the position_endstop in the […]

Tail of the Benchies : Nunus PLA, E3DV6, Titan extruder Bowden and Nunus PLA

I am trying to get the Klipper Firmware, with E3DV6, titan extruder PLA from Nunus to work. I has been quite a challenge ! I tried to print the Benchy at 190 °C with 65°C bed temperature. If has proved not to work at all. The PLA remains mat and tend to break easily. I […]

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