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3D Printer

About 2 years ago I deceived it was time for me to get a 3D printer. I found on the internet the Anet A8 for 150 euros and I just bought it.

I spend a bit of time using it realizing it definitely could be better. Off course, there was tons of possible updates I have found on the internet, from power supply to new extruder. I almost made them all and the results we definitely better.

I even found later on on Thingiverse a project to upgrade my Anet to a full MGN12 rail system with Aluminium frame ! I jump on that upgrade and again, it definitely improved the print. Now it is running and looking like this.

It is the way it is and works pretty well but still have some limitation and therefor some potential I want to have.

First of all, it does not look good… There is some parts missing, the cables are a mess and the general appearance can be improved.

Second, printing with PLA is working fine. The sticking on the printing plate is gone using the UltraBase platte with correct extruder distance ( BLTouch helps a lot on that ). However, I still have some issues on PLA and my Benchy can still do some improvement, the one I see on the internet looks definitely better. After some research I have found that it is related to the part cooling, My x carriage setup can be improved and is not cooking the part correctly., On top of that it could also do with some cable Organisation.

Printing anything else than PLA is simply not working. The printer has no inclosure and is in my basement. It can be fairly cold down there, especially in winter and it shows on the heated bed performance : I can nearly reach 90 °C, just not enough for ABS or other high temperature plastic.

I decided to make some improvement and I will start with a new design of the X Carrier. Later on I would like to build a new printer in XY mode, so I want to make improvement that I can reuse later on. Let’s start the journey !